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The United Voice of business setting the legislative agenda


BIZPAC.us is the united voice of Businesses to government bodies...join today.

Set the legislative agenda...stop sitting back and waiting.

Start solving problems.

Take an active role in your government. 

Like minded business owners can and should direct government.

BIZPAC.us is your united voice.

BIZPAC is a Business Political Networking Organization 

We are not a Political Action Committee

We are a Professional Business Association that works directly with Elected and Appointed Government officials at Municipal, State & Federal levels as well as PAC's to:

  • impact political campaigns
  • endorse candidates that demonstrate our agenda
  • provide a collective voice to government
  • engage top political consultants to achieve desired outcomes


City, County, State & Federal

BIZPAC.us has partners at all levels of government.

Local Municipality or in the State and Federal Legislature.

BIZPAC.us is the resource to address the problem and bring about helpful business friendly solutions, legislation and cooperation among agencies at all government levels.


Send your elected officials to office with a stated agenda, goals you set for them and your business.

If you don't send your elected officials to office with a specific agenda you most likely will not like the outcome

BIZPAC.us members create the legislative agenda to reduce taxes, streamline government agencies and make government work for you!

Local Candidate Endorsements and voting considerations

Houston City Offices

Candidates that BIZPAC has met with and are confident are committed to our legislative agenda goals:

  1. Transparency in Government
  2. Online Services
  3. Audited Financials no less than annually
  4. Business expeditious policies
  5. Zero based budgeting
  6. Ample, Trained and Equipped First Responders
  7. Aggressive Implementation of Drainage and Flooding control programs
  8. Road Construction coordinated for least interference of traffic flow
  9. Homeless Cleanup off our streets and aggressive street crime mitigation; no tolerance, shelters only, no camping

Bill King


Tony Buzbee


Orlando Sanchez

City Controller

Mike Knox

City Council at Large #1

Willie Davis

City Council at Large #2

Jason Rowe

City Council at large #4

Anthony Dolcefino

City Council at Large #4

Ericka McCrutcheon

City Council at Large #4

Marvin McNeese

City Council At Large #5

Proposition 4 vote YES to amend Texas State Constitution such that Texas will never have a personal income tax

METRO BOND ELECTION…. vote NO the Bond Proposition straps the taxpayers with $3.5B of debt plus interest & large swatches of land to be purchased are not designated and the routes do not connect airports to metro areas

Early voting Oct 21st - 26 7am-7pm    Oct 27th 1pm- 6pm  Oct 28-Nov 1st 7am – 7pm

General Election Nov 5 7am – 7pm

BIZPAC will revise after General Election and evaluate Candidates for the December 14, 2019 Run Off Election


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