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George Gitschel, Chairman and CEO


BIZPAC.us is a tremendous organization of local executives and business owners.

The lineup of local, state and national elected officials has been phenomenal, networking with elected officials and businesspeople has been highly rewarding. 

I’m also very impressed with JL Trahan, BIZPAC’s founder, whom I hold in the highest regard. He’s the real deal. I highly recommend BIZPAC.us membership to any businessperson desiring a more business friendly government.  

Jacob Jack Way, Red State Solutions


After attending one BIZPAC event, I immediately wanted to join. I was impressed by the thorough political interview process as well as the quality of the executives and business owners involved in this organization. 

It is going to take a wide group of individuals from different backgrounds to ensure our municipal, state and federal government serves the small and medium sized businesses which is 90% of employment in the United States.

Robin R Reimer, Real Estate Advisor


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my BIZPAC membership since I  joined the organization in May.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to network with business people in my community and get to know my elected officials.  

The luncheons and mixers are always fun and I always look forward to them!  It’s an honor to be a part of such a professional and organized group of individuals, and to have a voice in the direction of our city and state.

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Williams Watters, JD


JL Trahan continues to inspire positive and effective conservative change in HOUSTON and the great state of TEXAS with his tireless work and dedication to the citizenry via his efforts at BIZPAC.   

Always on point, relevant, and fueling synergistic thought, communication and voice is now once again possible here thanks to JL Trahan and BIZPAC.   I’m so grateful to be a part of this!

Tree Vaello


I like the conversation and the education at BIZPAC meetings.

The comedy is what keeps me coming back, Comedy is super important to fully understand some tense political issues and at BIZPAC, it is friendly and family oriented,  Laughing together has a much larger power and bond!



BIZPAC.us is an invaluable resource for every small businesses owner in town. 

BIZPAC.us  provides the opportunity to actually meet and converse with our local elected officials and candidates about the issues that affect the livelihood and success of my small business.

About Us

Kile Spelz, BIZPAC Membership Director


My continued belief that so much of what impacts our day to day lives is local and state government is what first drew me toward BIZPAC.  

I was curious to see all the many community and business leaders already engaged as well as the high quality of guests that were willing to attend for the moderated Q&A.  Personally, 

I have some ideals about government and what I want it to look like.  

BIZPAC.us is a place for me to actively work towards those and increase the impact by collaboration with those who want to build stronger better communities by supporting legislation that supports the business that drives our communities.  

JL Trahan, BIZPAC Founder & Executive Chairman


Working with small and medium sized businesses has been precisely what I've done for the last 30 years.  Business owners and "C" level executives of small and medium sized businesses simply lack the time and financial resources to be involved in the legislative cycle individually.

However, 90% of employment in the USA is small and medium sized businesses, so, they simply were not being served.

BIZPAC.us gives the backbone of this nation's business a voice in government and it seems that our elected officials enjoy having our collected group to work out important legislative items.

BIZPAC.us works for the businessman and for government...its a good match.

Kimberli Bowman Bishop, Consultant


One of the greatest things about BIZPAC is that it is made up of a – wait for it: 

Bipartisan group of people.  

In today’s political climate, working with those who might vote “across the aisle” has become mostly taboo.  The members of BIZPAC know the value in converging that aisle and use it as an incredibly successful tool to create both transparency and responsibility in government.  

Spending time in a room with people enthusiastically learning from each other is incredible – and beneficial – for both small business professionals and elected officials.  

Being willing to listen to and understand each other’s vantage points on impactful issues is something that was largely missing in this market.  Bizpac has opened the door to that ongoing conversation. 

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