Policy Center

Homeless Management


We have tent cities, shanty towns and human waste problems from underpasses to abandoned buildings and homes.  Human bio-waste, disease, mental illness, drug usage, malnutrition, lack of skills and poor education are symptoms and all must be managed to make progress in this area.

Stray Animal Management


Strays have become a big problem in our community with packs of wild dogs and coy dogs which are aggressive.  Shelters are running at full capacity and the adoption of pets is challenging

Cannabis & Hemp


Texas Legislature adopted new laws to allow for legal hemp and cannabis in Texas.  Municipalities are compelled to make medical cannabis available to their communities.

BIZPAC has partnered with experts at MCAT and HPAT to learn what has worked in other states and cities and create policy for our community that has proven performance.

Flood Control


Who is looking out for you and I?  The city and county are too busy fighting to actually spend the money doing what is needed...but, they already have received the money and thrown it in their general fund.

Flooding is tragic and destructive and a serious problem that can not be ignored.  Much of our community's flood control, prevention and management is in disarray and funds are simply not being spent as City and County fight with one another over spending what state and federal money and resources rather than promptly serve the tax payers and protect our homes and businesses.

Budget Transparency


We all want to know where our money is going and how it is being spent in our government agencies.  Budget accounting and transparency is critical for proper management as is encumbered funds management and stopping the "general fund" method of mismanagement.

Permitting & Licensing


City and County permitting, licensing and certification, in theory, is to help each of us in our communities have standards and safety in our structures and properties that the public enters and that we live in with our families.  It seems the bogging down and mismanagement of these departments are not serving the public at all and have become a dis-service to the public holding up construction, increasing costs and frustrating everyone.